Root Canal Therapy


What is a Root Canal?
A root canal is a procedure that is performed to remove damaged nerve and blood vessels from inside the tooth. The hollow center (canal) is then sealed. It is deemed nevessary when disease, decay, a crack, trauma, and or infection damage the nerve.


What is Microscopic Root Canal?
The root canal specialist uses a special microscope to closely examine the tooth for cracks and other complications not visible to the human eye.


What is an Antimicrobial Rinse?
After the damaged tissue is removed from the tooth, an antimicrobial rinse, * MTAD and CHX, is applied directly into the canal system to reduce bacteria and to increase the chance for successfully treating complicated root canals.

Note: Antimicrobial Rinses are generally NOT covered by dental insurances.

What is a Gutta Percha?
Gutta Percha is a rubber-based filling material that is used with a sealer to ensure complete sealing of the canal system. For over 75 years, the usage of Gutta Percha has been the material of choice to seal canals.


Why Do I Need to see a Root Canal Specialist?
Although general gentists perform routine root canal procedures, they usually refer complicated root canal procedures to a root canal specialist called an Endodontist.

An Endodontist is a dentist who has additional extensive training performing complicated root canal procedures.

Complicated procedures can include but are not limited to teeth involving multiple canals, calcification, failing of previous root canals, tooth fractures, resistant infections and root surgery.

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