General Dentist Referral Forms


Fill out one of our colored RootVision Endo office referrals. Have your patient contact us or call us directly from your office to schedule an appointment.

Please refer to the chart below when referring your patient for their endodontic needs. Patients should be referred to the most convenient location; however, they may choose any one of our locations to have their treatment completed.

Please fill out the appropriate colored card once a location has been chosen and keep a copy for your office records.

** For emergencies, immediately call the office location most convenient for your patient to schedule an appointment. **

For Non-emergencies, please fax the direct referral to the office location chosen for treatment so that one of our staff members can call your patient to schedule an appointment at their earliest convenience.

With these 4 easy steps, your patients will be well taken care of and wait time will be minimal. Patients can also download all office forms at the bottom of this page.

Rootvision Endo

Rootvision Endo