Each patient is referred to our office for root canal therapy, also known as Endodontics. It is a dental specialty and is the only type of procedure performed in our office.Our Dental Health Team is motivated and dedicated to provide all patients with the highest quality of Endodontic care in a warm, caring, and professional environment. We are specially trained to provide root canal therapy comfortably and predictably by utilizing the most modern procedures. We are committed to offering the best in qualified staff and services.Our goals are simple: To break down the walls of apprehension and provide a treatment experience for each patient that is as painless and comfortable as possible. Our professional efforts are aimed to maximize the probability of success in saving each tooth through our clinical skills.We are committed to the best standards of personal service in a relaxed, friendly, and pleasant office. The interaction of a patient and his/her dentist is based on a relationship of trust. We believe that the relationship created is sacred and requires certain elements to maintain its balance.

Trust, proper judgment, open communication and the ability to express feelings are essential for maintaining a healthy patient-doctor relationship. We strive to provide an environment conductive to such a relationship. Our practice functions as a team, whose members include the staff, the doctors, and our patient.

RootVision Endo was founded in 1991, with its first two offices opening in the Cities of Glendale and Torrance. We then went on to expand into the City of Lakewood in 2003. In 2005, we opened in the City of Montebello and most recently in 2009 we opened an office in the City of Covina.Founder, Dr. F Mike Bardi, is a graduate of the University of Southern California, where he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1989. He continued at the University of Southern California receiving his postgraduate degree in Endodontics in 1991.RootVision Endo has since become a reputable name in the field of Endodontics in Southern California. Each of our offices is committed to providing patients with a caring, responsive, team to answer all questions or concerns regarding their visit.Our team is dedicated to guarantying that all patients are scheduled accordingly to meet their needs and the transition to our office is quick and simple.

Your care and confidence is entrusted to our associates, which were personally selected by Dr. Bardi himself. We take great pride in our staff and family here at RootVision Endo and look forward to serving your patients.

Rootvision Endo

Rootvision Endo